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Ornontowice Commune is located in Silesian Voivodeship, in Mikołów District, in the vicinity of large urban agglomeration. It stands out with its beautiful landscape, rich natural environment and hospitable people. The commune area is about 15 km2, most of which constitutes green areas, which makes this region extraordinarily picturesque. The commune is inhabited by about 6000 people. Its territory is prepared for next investments, development of commerce, catering, services and diverse business. The commune authorities strive to maintain the traditional image of the area, yet introduce modern solutions. The commune has a well-developed local road network as well as territories suitable.  

All this makes the commune attractive in terms of various forms of sport including bicycle tourism and hiking. Recently, biking in Ornontowice has been made more attractive by bicycle rout signs and several stopping spots. A project named: “Bicycle rout network in Mikołów District - active tourism infrastructure” as been introduced in the entire Mikołów District as a part of the Silesian Voivodeship Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013. Almost 250 km of bicycle routs have been marked out through: Ornontowice, Mikołów, Orzesze, Łaziska Górne and Wyry. The routs are very attractive not only in terms of recreation and tourism but also as far as history, culture and the natural environment are concerned. If one is looking for interesting places, one may embark on one of the bicycle routs to Ornontowice and other places in the poviat. In Ornontowice itself, apart from numerous environmental and cultural attractions, cyclist have five stopping spots with functional shelters at their disposal.

Bicycle routs have been marked with basic colours:

Ø      blue – 72,4 km long ring rout around the District,

Ø      red – 32,4 km long rout between Pszczyński District and Żory,

Ø      yellow – 29,9 km long rout between Rybnicki District and Katowice,

Ø      green – 29,6 km long rout between Żory and Ruda Śląska,

Ø      brown – 22,2 km long rout between Katowice and Rybnicki District,


The following elements are located in Ornontowice Commune:

Ø      Shelter W11 –Chudowska Street (near the “Dolinka” playground),

Ø      Shelter W12 – Solarnia Street (now Zachodnia Street),

Ø      Shelter W13 – Okrężna Street (near the “Orlik” football pitch),

Ø      Shelter W14 – Orzeska Street (near the entrance to the rose garden in Park Gminny),

Ø      Stopping spot M11 – Okrężna Street (in the St. Hubert’s Chapel area),

Ø      Stopping spot M12 – Leśna Street  (Grzegorczyka Street in Orzesz).

The sport club operating in the commune allows children and the youth develop their skills and pursue their dreams. The most popular sport is football, however the club has a table tennis and scat sections. “Orlik” football grounds built within the scope of the programme at Akacjowa and Okrężna streets are fully available.


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